Chrome Virtual Keyboard

QWERTY fullscreen on-screen virtual keyboard for touch screen devices.

ScreenshotChrome Virtual Keyboard will popup automatically when the user clicks on an input field such as textboxes and textareas. Futhermore, the keyboard will disappear automatically once no longer needed.

This extension is ideal for touch screen devices. This keyboard works like an iOS/Android/Windows 8 touch virtual keyboard.


This extension is the only FullScreen keyboard available in the Chrome Web store. This keyboard works similar to a tablet or a smartphone virtual keyboard.


This extension opens and closes automatically when a keyboard input is required. Furthermore the keyboard layout changes according to the field type.


The On-Demand mode, gives control to the user on when the keyboard opens. This mode will prevent the keyboard from popping automatically.


This extension adapts to your screen resolution. If you find the keyboard too big, you can switch to a small keyboard that can be placed wherever you want.

Latest Updates

v1.9 Added Hardware Acceleration and Custom zoom levels
v1.8 Bug fixes and Improvements thanks to Stuart Wright. Improved enter button, memory usage, keyboard events triggering, small keyboard enhancements and much much more.
v1.7.2 Added a smaller keyboard layout
v1.7.1 Added AZERTY keyboard layout
v1.7 Added basic iFrame support
v1.6.1 Added On-Demand mode

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this extension be used with local files?

Yes. The "Allow access to file URLs" tickbox needs to be enabled from the Chrome Extension Settings page prior opening local files.

How can I use this keyboard in the URL bar?

Due to Google Chrome restrictions, this keyboard cannot be used with the browser's address bar. However you can open a URL by using the URL button in the keyboard.