Similar Websites

Suggests relevant and similar Websites, Images and Videos to the topic of your interest!

Screenshot Websites extension will provide you with related web pages, images and videos to the topic of your interest, making your search more complete and easy!

Unlike Google Similar and Similar Sites, this plugin works by analyzing the content of the web page, the user is currently reading. This extension works with most web pages including current news, blogs and wikis . Thus this extension will provide you with personalized and relevant web results.


Please note that this extension currently does not work on Mac OS X running the latest stable version of Chrome (i.e. Chrome 7.0). However it should work fine with DEV builds (i.e. Chrome 9.0 and above).

Version History

v1.2 Added more Web results, Added Precision Slidebar
v1.1 Adding Rating, Twitter Updates, Filtered Results
v1.0 Initial Version